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Piotr Kuncewicz;

Agonia i nadzieja. T. V. Proza polska od 1956 roku.

Wydawnictwo BGW; 1994; Hardcover; 339 pages;

ISBN: 83-86091-03-7


Tom V cyklu o polskiej literaturze wspolczesnej Agonia i nadzieja, stanowiacego rodzaj autorskiej historii polskiej literatury wspolczesnej, w formie gawedy, pelnej anegdot o ksiazkach i zabawnych opowiesci o autorach.

English description: The fifth volume of a series on Polish contemporary literature, called Agony and Hope, which is kind of history of literature, written as a tale, full of anecdotes about books and humorous stories about their authors. Thiis volume is dedicated to the Polish prose after 1956.

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